Posted by: ralphmexico | September 30, 2012


“Who Knows Where The Time Goes’, listeners?  It’s been three years.  It’s been (count ’em) two hundred posts.  It’s been (don’t bother counting) 198,461* words.  It was definitely, defiantly no pictures.  It is defiantly, definitely time to move along.  “All that remains is the music of their names”.  So it goes.
(*As if I’d be sad enough to do a word count on every post.  As if…)
What began on October 3rd, 2009 (“when the future lay before me like an empty sheet of paper, all I had to do was make my mark on it”) with “By all accounts” and an evisceration of a lame Pixies gig, is ending with “indeed” and a “Thank You” of sorts to the listeners who’ve remained on board for part, if not all, of the trip.  “Thank you friends, Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you”. 
It is somewhat fitting, I suppose, that the title of this final post should be a line from a play by a depressed, drug-fuelled alcoholic (Tennessee Williams), and the sign-off is a quote from a suicide note (Andrea Feldman’s).  Between depression and death – Yeah, that kinda’ sums up the vapid scribblings of the past 36 months fairly well.
So listeners, this is the last post, the one you’ve waited three years for.  The blog will remain open for viewings in its faded glamour; but no new words will be added to the pyre.  What was always overwrought, eternally over-written, and forever overblown is now simply over.  Over and out. 
Thank you once more for tuning in.  Sometimes 1,094 days can seem like a very short time indeed…
Goodbye, I’m Going For The Big Time!!
Ralph Mexico


  1. If a matter is significant and warrants reporting, who are you to stand in the way of those fingers! Closure’s for wimps.

    • Have you been paying attention? Nothing is ever significant… Blog is dead. Time to take a step back into what Richard Ford called “The normal applauseless life of us all”… Not that there was ever much applause sent my way in the last three years, mind… Thanks for listening, I wish you Good Mental Health…

  2. Just ‘Good’? Fine then! I wish you average success in all you do so.

  3. ‘moderate’ would be a better word 🙂

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